Business Solutions

Dynamic Web Applications

Donnay Online has created the infrastructure and the economy of scale to bring enterprise-class functionality and design to small business owners.  In this day and age, a business without a strong online presence is doomed to failure, as more and more consumers and companies use the web as their tool of choice to find local businesses.

Using the power of Drupal open source systems, small businesses can now leverage the functionality and online tools they need to be successful. Donnay Online is a leader in the integration of dynamic web applications for small business using the Drupal World-Class CMS system. Some of the core functionalities that we can offer include:

  • Database driven, fully scaleable, future proofed websites for service businesses, e-commerce companies, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Rich media application including streaming browser-based video production and deployment.
  • Productivity driven toolsets including CRM solutions, Project Management solutions, support processes
  • Fully functional and economical intranets and back end processing interfaces

Although Drupal is often described as a "content management system" (CMS) it is also a "content management framework" (CMF). In other words, unlike a typical CMS, it is geared more towards configurability and customization. Picture a range of measurement where one end of the scale is labeled “specific” and the other end “abstract”. On the “specific” end of the spectrum, you would have something whose form is very specialized because it’s meant for a specific purpose—like, say, a hammer. On the other end of the spectrum, you would have something much more abstracted, that is available to be configured any way you like, for a variety of purposes—like some wood and a chunk of steel. You could make a hammer, or any number of other things with the wood and steel.

Of course, while chunks of wood and steel are more “configurable” than a hammer, they aren’t terribly useful because few people have the specialized knowledge to work with such raw materials. Drupal’s purpose is to sit in the sweet spot between the two ends of the scale, and create a sort of “builder’s kit” made up of pre-designed components that can be used as-is or can be extensively reconfigured to suit your needs. Its design provides incredible flexibility while still allowing business owners to manage powerful websites. This principle of manageable abstraction is important to understand, because it is a central concept to all things Drupal. When you understand why a measured amount of abstraction is valuable, you’ll begin to understand why this approach is such a strong argument for using Drupal. 

E-Commerce Solutions

Donnay Online has E-Commerce solutions to fit any budget or project size.  Whether you need a simple store with 10 products or a full-blown application with thousands of products, we have the right economical solution to assure accuracy and reliability from your application.  E-Commerce platforms that we work with and develop:

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is the most robust and flexible E-Commerce system designed exclusively for Drupal. Drupal Commerce leverages all the best capabilities of Drupal to deliver the most efficient and effective solution available today.


A proven E-commerce solution for Drupal powered sites, Ubercart delivers all the benefits of Drupal and is more than a E-Commerce package.  Ubercart handles membership management and recurring payment needs with realtive ease.  All integrated within the Drupal intrerface.

Project Management

With the experience and the understanding of how to create and manage projects of all sizes, Donnay Online can organize resources and assets with accuracy and detail. Our web based project management system can keep projects on track for deadlines as well as fiscal responsibility. We are flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients and strive to make customer service a top priority.

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