Project Management

At Donnay Online we specialize in creating systems that work for companies of all types. We have solutions for business challenges of many types.

An efficient and economic alternative to major solutions

Project management software solutions don't require a large budget anymore. Although lots of alternatives to major solutions are available on the Internet, finding the right tool for your needs might be a complex process. Compared to many other collaboration software, Donnay Online provides a unique solution: a feature-rich web-based project manager software that remains simple and easy-to-use. Therefore, Donnay Online can help you as much as a big league system would... And perhaps, even better.

Donnay Online project evolution is based on our customers' requirements

Most of the enhancements that have been added in our Project Management Application have been requested by our customers. We do not believe we should impose our ideas on you. When we evaluate a new potential feature, the first question we ask ourselves is: Do our customers need it? Customer satisfaction is imperative for us; we want you to get the best possible experience with our project management tool.

Perform project management online or host the software yourself

Our Project Managemant Application can be accessed online, through your favorite web browser. Our packages are suitable for all-sized businesses, whether they need a low volume or a high volume of users or storage space. Hosted packages require no additional software to be installed. Updates are applied automatically, as soon as they are released.

Our Project Management solution has plenty of project management features such as time tracking, Gantt charts, calendars and document management. We invite you to evaluate the features of our PM software to evaluate how beneficial they can be for your organization.

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